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adopted at the 21st Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ninth National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China on April 28 , 2001, is hereby promulgated and shall go into effect as o f October 1 , 2001 .
Posted by Francesco Tedioli on 9.21.10 in Business - Asset Protection.
LEGGE 17 marzo 2005 n.37 REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO L’istituto del trust
Posted by Francesco Tedioli on 9.21.10 in Business.
Many think the government always has their back. Even if the regulators can't stop every investment fraud or scam, few think that the government itself could be the one doing the misleading!
Posted by Brian Mahany on 9.4.10 in Business - Securities.
Multilingual legal lgossary of Italian legal terms made in three languages (English, French and Spanish). This glossary has been prepared by a business lawyer to help legal professionals who are qualified in the English, French or Spanish languages to understand and translate contracts and other legal documents in Italian; for this reason, Italian terms have been translated according to legal criteria rather than linguistic or etymological criteria.
Posted by Riccardo Massari on 7.29.10 in Business - International.
Strategic sourcing, the process of continuously improving and reevaluating how an organization purchases goods and services, has long been the purchasing and procurement norm for large organizations. To address these challenges, RFx Legal delivers technology and services to automate and streamline all stages of the legal service provider sourcing process, from invitation and qualification to negotiation, selection, comprehensive analysis and reporting, work allocation and service provider performance management.
Posted by Joe Freedman on 7.26.10 in Business - Corporate Law.
We, the Vcorp Services Team, pride ourselves on our strong track record for providing value to professionals and entrepreneurs while fulfilling all of their corporate filing needs. At Vcorp, our clients’ concerns are our priority and
Posted by Michelle Sanchez on 7.22.10 in Business - Business Formation.
Vcorp Services can assist you and your legal team with all your entity formation needs
Posted by Michelle Sanchez on 7.22.10 in Business - Business Formation.
Vcorp is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to run your practice. Your clients rely on you for effective and thorough legal representation and guidance. You can rely on us to execute and timely handle all of your state and corporate filing needs.
Posted by Michelle Sanchez on 7.20.10 in Business.
Vcorp Services offers attorneys, paralegals, accountants, executives, and entrepreneurs a full suite of services including entity formations, state filings, document retrieval, tax-exempt filings, UCC filings and searches, trademark applications, and more.
Posted by Michelle Sanchez on 7.20.10 in Business - Business Formation.
This article outlines the issues that must be considered if you are invited to serve on a corporate board of directors
Posted by Douglas Conover on 7.20.10 in Business - Corporate Law.