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As you get older, hearing loss is one of the worst situations which make you worry all the time. Not only aging, but there are various other factors which can cause partial or complete hearing loss at a young age as well. Listening to loud music for long hours and working around loud noise can also damage your hearing ability. This infographic by Gaylord & Nantais shares some of the most common factors which lead to hearing loss. It also enlists some of the easily available nutrients and food supplies which help in improving the hearing ability in humans.
Posted by Thomas Nantais on 6.6.16 in Articles. (CA)
Aspen Law Firm reports on need to sue in a timely fashion under new Colorado Supreme Court Case. Lawyers from Aspen to Denver, Vail to Durango must be aware of this year’s Colorado Supreme Court laches decision in Hickerson v. Vessels, 316 P. 3d 620, 623 (Colo. 2014).
Posted by Matthew Ferguson on 8.19.14 in Articles.
Don't miss an opportunity to connect with clients.
Posted by Jason Bland on 2.18.14 in Articles. (CA)
Philip Seymour Hoffman died in February of 2014 in Manhattan at age 46 of an apparent drug overdose. Hoffman is best known as an Oscar winning actor that had roles in such movies as Capote, Boogie Nights, and Hunger Games: Catching Fire. There are many estate planning lessons that can be taken away from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s sudden death.
Posted by Evan Guthrie on 2.2.14 in Articles.
In a rare display of compassion by a pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co. recently joined two dozen other drug makers in discontinuing its use of chimpanzees for laboratory research. There are currently about 1,000 chimpanzees in the United States owned by drug companies and the federal government for pharmaceutical and product research. Our team of defective drug attorneys applauds Merck for this step in the right direction.
Posted by William Pintas on 1.31.14 in Articles.
Estate Planning: Lessons Learned From Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela died at the age of ninety five in December of 2013. Mandela is widely known as the former president of South Africa that helped overcome apartheid in that country and was eventually awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. There is several estate planning lessons that can be learned from Nelson Mandela.
Posted by Evan Guthrie on 12.8.13 in Articles.
Paul Walker died suddenly in November of 2013 after being involved in a fatal car accident as a passenger in California. Walker was most well known as the star of the street racing franchise, The Fast And The Furious. There are many estate planning lessons that can be learned in the wake of the tragic death of Paul Walker
Posted by Evan Guthrie on 12.1.13 in Articles.
I was a co-presenter of this Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program, presented by the Los Angeles County Bar Association, Remedies Section.
Posted by Robin Mashal on 11.22.13 in Articles.
The series finale of the television program “Breaking Bad” concluded with the lead character making a unique estate plan. Throughout the series, Walter White, the terminal cancer diagnosed high school chemistry teacher turned Methamphetamine empire kingpin had a goal of leaving his family enough of a financial legacy that they could live comfortable in his impending absence.
Posted by Evan Guthrie on 10.3.13 in Articles.
Ken Norton died in September of 2013 at age 70 of congestive heart failure after enduring several strokes over the years. Norton is most well known as a professional fighter and former world heavyweight champion who broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw while defeating him. There are several estate planning lessons that can be learned from Ken Norton.
Posted by Evan Guthrie on 10.3.13 in Articles.