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Thought provoking article on how tax policy may soon drive out America's wealthiest individuals. With just 5% of the population paying most of the taxes in the US and our society becoming increasingly mobile, the threat is quite real.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 10.2.10 in Tax Law.
Employees sued their employer's accounting firm for issuing W-2 forms that over-stated the employees' income. This California Court held that CPAs did not owe a duty of care to client's employees, because there was no privity of contract between CPAs and client's employees, there are no allegations that CPAs generated the inflated numbers, or that CPAs were employed to verify that the accounting information was correct.
Posted by Robin Mashal on 8.29.10 in Tax Law.
Most civilized nations do not criminalize noncompliance with the tax code. The U.S. and China are exceptions. In China, tax evasion still carries the death penalty, although that may soon change.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 8.24.10 in Tax Law.
The IRS has finally begun ramping up enforcement efforts. The agency is now hiring thousands of revenue agents, collection and enforcement agents.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 8.12.10 in Tax Law.
Recent revelations that this tiny island nation has been cooperating with US authorities should not worry Americans and others who choose the Isle of Man as their asset protection haven. The government has signalled it will not tolerate Isle of Man trusts being used to dodge taxes. Other forms of asset protection are still recognized and virgorously enforced by Manx courts.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 8.12.10 in Tax Law.
In this recent decision, the United States Supreme Court held: Under the comity doctrine, a taxpayer’s complaint of allegedlydiscriminatory state taxation, even when framed as a request to in-crease a competitor’s tax burden, must proceed originally in state court.
Posted by Robin Mashal on 6.6.10 in Tax Law.
Asset protection and offshore account reporting blog post. At least one tax authority is seeking information from banks on customers that merely "asked" about offshore accounts!
Posted by Brian Mahany on 4.18.10 in Tax Law.
Germany has twice paid foreign bank oficials to hack or steal confidential account holder information looking for tax cheats. And the U.S. reportedly shares the information wealth. Is government misconduct ever allowable?
Posted by Brian Mahany on 2.13.10 in Tax Law.
Tens of thousands of Americans use offshore accounts as a way of hiding moeny from creditors and Uncle Sam. To repatriate that money, many of these same folks use debit cards to access their offshore cash and spend it in the US. Do these accounts work?
Posted by Brian Mahany on 2.13.10 in Tax Law.
IRS tax liens don't necessarily mean the end of your good credit. But simply paying the liens and obtaining a lien release is not enough. Find out about the IRS' lien withdrawal process.
Posted by Brian Mahany on 2.7.10 in Tax Law.