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Having a blog on your website is as mandatory as your phone number and contact information. Blogs allow you to offer your site's visitors concise information related to your area of practice and it keeps your website growing with new pages of content.
Posted by Jason Bland on 1.9.12 in Articles.
Deceptive pitches for investments often misrepresent or leave out facts in order to promote fantastic profits with little risk. No investment is risk-free and a high rate of return means greater risk. Before investing, get written information such as a prospectus or annual report. Beware if a salesperson
Posted by Bryon Gross on 1.7.12 in Articles.
A new year is upon us and it is time to start working on your law firm’s growth for 2012. If you are not doing these three things, now is the time to start.
Posted by Jason Bland on 1.2.12 in Articles.
It may come to you as a surprise but popularity is not all that makes a good keyphrase. A keyword like “lawyer” that gets millions of inquiries a month on Google will not serve your law firm because it is too general. This is why most of the results for the word “lawyer” return directories and information websites that have thousands of pages built into to their websites.
Posted by Jason Bland on 12.26.11 in Articles.
Remember, the goal of your website and search engine marketing strategy is to convince Google’s algorithm that your website is the most relevant for your keyphrase or keyphrases. If you do a search for your region and practice area, you may notice that the attorneys that focus in a particular practice area are generally ranked higher than law offices that optimize for 10 different areas.
Posted by Jason Bland on 12.12.11 in Articles.
Could identity thieves be using your personal and health insurance information to get medical treatment, prescription drugs or surgery? Could dishonest people working in a medical setting be using your information to submit false bills to insurance companies? Medical identity theft is a twist on traditional identity theft, which happens when someone steals your personal information. Like traditional identity theft, medical ID theft can affect your finances; but it also can take a toll on your health.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 12.11.11 in Articles.
The holidays offer a public relations opportunity that should not go unused by your law firm. It is this time of year when many firms round up their staff and do volunteer work. Whether it is a few days working at a free legal clinic to help struggling individuals with basic legal help or something unrelated to law that is for the benefit of the community, these actions can help your firm's public image.
Posted by Jason Bland on 12.5.11 in Articles.
Many law firms embraced the technology by having their entire websites made in Flash. Thinking it would help keep the attention of their web visitors, they had slider effects, digital sounds, and flashy transitions. Unfortunately, Google and other search engines were blind to it. As we fast forward to the present, Flash is all but obselete...
Posted by Jason Bland on 11.28.11 in Articles.
The following cams occur all year round, but scammers prey on people’s generosity and vulnerabilities at this time of year.
Posted by Bryon Gross on 11.24.11 in Articles.
Sometimes it is better (and costs less money) to start over with a new website that is built by the same company that is going to market it. However, if you have the right elements in place, you might be able to keep the website you have and move forward with a powerful search engine marketing plan.
Posted by Jason Bland on 11.14.11 in Articles.