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The modern elder law firm needs to be focused on education. A lot of people hear about “elder law” or talk with their friends and family about “estate planning” but they may not know what it is, why it is important, and what it really entails. If you become their educator, you will be become their lawyer.
Posted by Jason Bland on 3.4.12 in Articles.
Unfortunately, many attorneys get conned into believing that having a website and a couple of listings in a lawyer directory is going to fill up their office with a mountain of new cases. Thus, money should not be a concern.
Posted by Jason Bland on 2.27.12 in Articles.
While they are very valuable, the newsletter is also rather time consuming. But the whole process can be automated if your law firm already has a blog.
Posted by Jason Bland on 2.20.12 in Articles.
Online marketing is unlike any other form of marketing. Television, print, phone books, radio, they all come down to one thing – getting someone to call your firm. You show the ad, target it to hit the right person, and hope that they remember you when the time is right. You can't really do anything more to improve those other forms of marketing beyond spending more money. With your website and online marketing, you can actually interact with potential clients. You can invite them into your Google Plus circle, keep them up to date on Facebook, talk to them via a podcast on iTunes, stay in t
Posted by Jason Bland on 2.13.12 in Articles.
Websites need to serve two types of audiences: readers and people wanting to connect with a lawyer right now. You need to have valuable content on your website, but for the visitor who is anxious to contact an attorney, a lead funnel can go a long way.
Posted by Jason Bland on 2.6.12 in Articles.
Lawyer directories can help drive leads to your firm and build valuable links to your website. However, if your website was built by the same company that is giving you a directory listing, you may not be getting the whole truth with your statistics.
Posted by Jason Bland on 1.30.12 in Articles.
When deciding on your print designs, keep in mind that simplicity is the key. If you hand a brochure to clients that is overflowing with too much copy, they are probably going to look at your logo, your website address, and disregard the rest.
Posted by Jason Bland on 1.23.12 in Articles.
A booklet from the National Lawyers Guild with information on how to fight against wrongful foreclosures and evictions
Posted by Jeffrey Feuer on 1.17.12 in Articles. (MA)
Last week, Google introduced a new change to their search engine results. By taking pages, images, and news that people in your Plus 1 network liked and items you liked, they modify the search results by placing websites liked by your friends higher.
Posted by Jason Bland on 1.16.12 in Articles.
Having a blog on your website is as mandatory as your phone number and contact information. Blogs allow you to offer your site's visitors concise information related to your area of practice and it keeps your website growing with new pages of content.
Posted by Jason Bland on 1.9.12 in Articles.